Workers’ Compensation Best Practices: High-Performing Physicians Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs by an Average of 20%

Posted on 11.10.14

Identifying the best doctors to treat workers’ compensation patients can significantly transform care for injured workers by improving outcomes, lowering costs and getting employees back to work quickly. Harbor Health Systems helps get these injured workers on track, seeing the right physicians, at the right time based on physician scorecarding measures.

Analysis of Harbor’s data over a five-year period illustrates that physicians who have high scores in producing superior outcomes also reduce medical costs by an average of 20 percent. Previous studies have shown that treatment by these physicians also shortens the duration of the claim, and reduces indemnity costs.

Harbor Health Systems uses the proprietary Harbor One MPN network technology not only to measure the case outcomes by physician, but to help get injured workers to see these physicians quickly. With access to this kind of valuable information, the Harbor One MPN acts like a review website, pointing out which candidates are the best, and where there may be issues and red flags. Just like a website gathers information and indicates trends on who is the best at a particular skill, the technology embedded within the Harbor One MPN network does the same thing, gathering important indicators on how physicians achieve outcomes.

The technology used within the Harbor One MPN network keeps the care plan on track, thus allowing for better claims management throughout the continuum of care, getting the injured worker back to work quicker.

How effective is this methodology? There has been a 19.3 percent reduction in total claims costs, as well as a 14.4 percent reduction in claims with lost time as a result of implementing the Harbor One MPN system.

Harbor’s system has successfully decreased medical, indemnity, and expense costs for claims as a result of using high-performing physicians in the Harbor One MPN network.

To learn more about how Harbor Health Systems can help lower claims costs for your organization, contact us today at (949) 273-7020. Download our newest white paper:

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