One Call Medical Announces Acquisition of Harbor Health Systems

Posted on 11.06.12

PARSIPPANY, NJ,– One Call Medical, Inc. (OCM) today announced that it has acquired Harbor Health Systems, a leading provider of network effectiveness tools.

Don Duford, Chief Executive Officer of One Call Medical, commented on the acquisition: “One Call Medical has developed a broad portfolio of best in class specialty networks serving workers’ compensation claims organizations. A critical element of being “best in class” is the ability to match injured workers with the best provider for their particular needs. Today, with the addition of Harbor Health Systems, we are adding a unique set of competencies that will make our networks stronger and integrate them more effectively with primary care providers. Harbor’s scoring technology identifies the best providers in different medical and specialty areas to deliver proven value, benefits, and savings. Our goal is to integrate the ability to measure provider performance throughout our service lines, thereby enhancing our impact on costs and outcomes throughout the claims lifecycle.”

“At Harbor Health, we recognized the inherent challenge in identifying and selecting the highest quality providers who successfully expedite treatment, recovery, and return to work for injured employees,” said Greg Moore, Co-founder and President of Harbor Health Systems. “So, we developed our technology to find and measure these high performers.  Our client results go beyond what’s achievable through network utilization alone, as our quality measures actually improve the network itself. As part of One Call Medical, we’ll be able to apply our technology across a broader array of provider services, raising the bar on quality, costs, and outcomes to new heights.”

About One Call Medical, Inc.

Based in Parsippany, NJ, One Call Medical, Inc. (OCM) is the nation’s leading partner in providing specialized services that lead to faster, more efficient and more cost-effective resolution of claims. From high-end diagnostic procedures, to transportation and language services, to superior dental programs and other medical specialties, OCM provides reliable, consistent connections to care and improved outcomes. With rapid scheduling of services, clinical oversight, coordination, and delivery of medical reports, no other partner gives you the depth of support and service excellence that OCM provides. Our team of experts is always ready to connect you to a broad spectrum of qualified providers and specialized services.  For more information, visit

About Harbor Health Systems

Harbor Health Systems, based in Irvine, Calif., leads a revolution in medical networks that allows customers to build and manage a medical system based on quality performance of providers rather than the “lowest bidder medicine” that is typical of PPOs and HMOs. Harbor Health builds and manages outcomes-based medical networks, and supplies the tools, software and services to help their customers build, implement and optimize custom networks. With Harbor Health Systems, companies can identify physicians and other medical professionals who have exceptional skills in clinical, patient care and business management. By working with these healthcare professionals, payers and self-insured employers can greatly reduce the cost of care, complications, and time away from work. For more information, visit


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