• Reduce Total Medical Spend By Maximizing Your Assets

    Pinpoint physicians that achieve best outcomes, with no change to your current process

    High performing physicians improve care, get faster returns to work and reduce overall claims costs. We can help you identify the highest performing physicians not only in your network, but nationwide through our Provider Benchmarking and Provider Lookup tools.

    With one of the largest provider databases in the industry, we have an in-depth view of the doctors treating workers’ compensation patients.Data aggregation allows for more comprehensive information and scoring by analyzing provider claims data from hundreds of thousands of providers versus a small subset of providers available to individual payors today.

    •Reduce overall claims costs
    •Reduce indemnity spend
    •Reduce claim duration


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  • Ease Of Implementation

    By leveraging your data asset in combination with our aggregate data set, you can improve your program with no change to your current process or provider relationship status.Because there is no change to your current process, the implementation is simple and hassle-free. We provide a no cost ROI Analysis upfront to show you potential savings achieved through the use of Provider Benchmarking and Provider
    Lookup tools.

    A True Cost Containment Tool

    In a recent case study, moving from a 1-star provider to a 5-star provider reduced:


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  • How Your Data Is Used

    We anonymously combine your medical bill data with similar data sets from other Contributing Members. All bill and provider data is strictly protected, and scrubbed to remove any PII or Payor/Client information. By encompassing the aggregate data from our contributing members the provider scoring system is expanded even further, providing clients the largest provider score set in the industry.

    When all claim stakeholders use the tool, program success is maximized and the greatest savings on total
    medical spend are achieved:

    •Employers benefit from lower indemnity costs and less litigation, as well as drastically reduced TTD
    •Injured workers are sure to get the right services when they need them from quality physicians.
    •Adjusters can utilize our abuse pattern score card, analyzing millions of lines of bill review data to find the telltale“frequent flier” patterns that point to abuse.
    •Nurse Case Managers can find, measure, and direct injured workers to high performing physicians, while still ensuring regulatory requirements.

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  • Provider Benchmarking Delivery And Management

    Perspecta, formerly known as VIIAD Systems, delivers a client branded Provider directory and data management service which includes analytics, data cleansing, reporting and verification. Workers’ Compensation Panel Cards creation and management is a daunting yet imperative task for resources. Access Perspecta’s technology to enable more focus on core competencies and growth. Prefer to create and manage your own panels? Leverage Perspecta’s web-based panel card tool for those needs.

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