MPNs Celebrate 10 Years: Tips on Improving MPNs in 2015

Posted on 04.23.15

With MPNs turning ten years old this year, it’s only fitting to take a step back and examine their effectiveness and what could be done to improve them moving forward.

Recent regulatory enhancements have lowered costs for MPN implementation by more than $100,000 for large employers and the regulatory changes are working. Costs are lower and accountability to help injured workers is stronger, but there are always ways to further improve the system so that injured workers get the best access to the best care possible.

The next steps in improving access and care coordination for injured workers are streamlining the process of connecting top doctors and healthcare providers, as well as patients and payers, in order to achieve a smoother flow of information and treatment throughout the continuum of care.

Harbor has already implemented nine entity network MPNs, acquiring considerable experience under the new regulatory changes.

Below are five recommendations to further improve the MPN process:

  • Improved access to care for injured workers is imperative. The industry must overcome the difficulty experienced while navigating the claims system and assure injured workers that experienced physicians are available. A focus on the patient and addressing their needs is necessary to improve outcomes.
  • The system must make it easier for injured workers to find and schedule appointments. The Medical Access Assistant reduces the difficulties that injured workers have in navigating their care plan.
  • Greater MPN accountability is needed including ongoing compliance with regulations, maintaining networks, knowing data and status of doctors, and holding physicians accountable to commitments.
  • A continued focus on reducing costs is required. With the removal of the New Hire Notice, there is an upfront reduction in costs. The network-entity model reduces ongoing costs by reducing the number of MPNs required.
  • Physician acknowledgements are an important part of making MPNs operate as efficiently as possible. The physicians must agree to participate and better dialogue and accountability with providers must occur.

Watch Greg Moore’s interview with World Risk & Insurance News where he addresses the regulatory changes, the MPN model and how it offers concierge level service to injured workers:

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