Aggressive Care Boosts Positive Outcomes in Workers’ Compensation

Posted on 11.17.14

At the first signs of getting sick, parents try and get their children to take medicine proactively, to fight off the illness before it gets full-blown and the child ends up missing a week’s worth of school. If you don’t treat a claim/case aggressively at the start, no one benefits – the injured worker is in treatment longer, and costs escalate for the claim.

Based on Harbor Health Systems’ data, early, aggressive care improves outcomes, yet we still see some in the work comp industry having difficulty swallowing this particular remedy.

 Data analysis shows aggressive care in workers’ compensation claims leads to faster claims resolution, lower costs, and reduced litigation:

  • Reductions in claim duration from 13 – 20 percent
  • Reductions in indemnity costs from 19 – 61 percent
  • Reductions in litigation from 7.2 – 16 percent

We’ve recently published this data in the form of a white paper, available to download here:

The objective of the study was to investigate the differences in overall claims outcomes when comparing aggressive and conservative care in the workers’ compensation industry. The findings from this study indicate that when knowledgeable and experienced physicians are allowed to perform some common specific surgical procedures prior to the recommendations of the guidelines, outcomes improve.

The study analyzed information from more than 700,000 claims for four procedures: ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) repair, knee menisectomy, shoulder rotator cuff repair, and carpal tunnel injuries.

The analysis illustrates that top-performing physicians are able to produce superior outcomes. Through proactive, aggressive care, injured workers receive better quality care and are able to return to work sooner as a result of faster claims resolution.

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