4 For 14: Greg Moore of Harbor Health Systems/One Call Care Management

Posted on 05.08.14

WORKCOMPWIRE (May 8, 2014) – During our time at RIMS 2014, we had Workers’ Comp industry stakeholders participate in WorkCompWire’s “4 For 14″ series, focused on what to look for this year and in the future! Here’s what Greg Moore, President and CEO of Harbor Health Systems had to say:

1. What do you believe will be the most significant development in the Worker’s Comp industry in 2014?
In the past two to three years the industry has really begun to embrace outcomes-based networks. This trend has led to significant adoption of analytics focused on the quality of the treating physicians being used to treat injured workers. In 2014, we see significant opportunities in taking this trend to evolve from Outcomes-Based Networks to Outcomes-Based Care Coordination. With a better understanding of which doctors are the best performers, the next significant gain in reducing total costs will be achieved by maximizing the use of best doctors throughout the care continuum.

2. What is the top issue/problem you and your organization are currently grappling with?
Our top focus at the moment are the changes to the California MPN. With the newest regulations in limbo, we have to respond to changes in the law without a clear template of how the law is going to be enacted. We remain committed to this model in California, and believe the changes that are coming through the regulatory pipeline make the MPN even better. But, until the delays in regulations are resulting in a significant amount of time preparing for what we believe is coming rather than what we know is coming.

3. Looking out 5 years, beyond obvious trends, what do you think one big change in the Workers’ Comp industry will be?
Our five year vision includes driving a change in how care is coordinated, to maximize the impact of top doctors and how we engage patients to assure they are getting the best care efficiently and effectively. We see this as a natural evolution to the Outcomes-Based Network – as more people adopt that level of engagement in selecting top doctors, the next step will be integration of that information into care direction, care management, and patient engagement. So much of our system is currently designed based on a lack of trust – trust toward the doctors and patients. The Outcomes revolution will change the balance of that trust by providing better confidence in certain doctors. We are already seeing trends in patient activity (e.g. lower litigation rates) when you get them to top performing doctors. As the patient population sees the personal benefits of being connected to the best doctors we see several downstream problems currently plaguing the industry reducing over time.

4. What is one thing you’d like to promote?
Our big focus at RIMS is the introduction of our new California MPN model, Harbor One MPN. This new model brings the best of Harbor and One Call together into a solution that leverages the advantages of the new MPN law while putting in place an operations support solution that will reduce or eliminate any of the burdens related to the stepped up accountabilities in the new MPN law. We are very excited about this as an early demonstration of how the investments that One Call has made over the past couple years can deliver a solution that brings new value to our customers. One example of this is how we address the Medical Access Assistant requirements with the introduction of our Care Concierge program. This program provides a Concierge resource that can assist injured workers in finding doctors, scheduling timely appointments, and overcoming barriers that can impact overall compliance within the MPN. Our approach reflects the collective customer service goals of the top business across the care continuum – and our investment in the infrastructure to support this allows us to leverage the best of the companies that have come together under the One Call enterprise. This is just one of the innovations we developed for the Harbor One MPN.

About Greg Moore
Greg Moore, M.P.H., is President and CEO of Harbor Health Systems, a leading provider of network effectiveness tools that identifies and selects the highest quality providers to expedite treatment, recovery and return to work for injured employees. Harbor Health’s results go beyond what is achievable through network utilization alone, actually improving the network itself.

Since founding Harbor Health in 2001, Greg has been dedicated to developing the field of provider analytics to improve quality of care. Greg has led the development of Harbor’s outcomes-based network program and is actively engaged in the statistical modeling used to measure and select providers. Under this leadership, Harbor has become an established leader in outcomes medical network programs.

Greg received his Master’s in Public Health from UCLA, and his Bachelor’s in Science from the University of Rochester.

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